Mindfully made from the finest Fair Trade beans

In New york city

Coffee &

Specialty Drinks

The organic house-roasted coffee you love, unexpectedly transformed, and perfectly prepared is just the first sign of the care we have put into every detail.

That detail begins with sourcing the right coffee and developing everlasting partnerships with those who grow them. It requires hours of roasting and re-roasting in pursuit of just the right cup of coffee.


Quality & Precision

New York City is first to offer a fresh-roasted cup of coffee, only at Pink Moose!

Just around the corner from Sutton Place, Pink Moose is proud to roast their own coffee in mid-Manhattan’s Sutton Area. Built from the ground up in 2017, we established our current location and opened a coffee bar on First Avenue and 59th street with the simple goal of selling freshly roasted coffee and brewing every cup to order.